For NRT operated companies (Coldwell Banker, Sotheby’s, Corcoran, CitiHabitats), independent agents like you are our top priority. So we offer real financial strategies you can use to grow and protect your personal wealth, now and into the future. Because we believe your best years are ahead of you.

The VIP Program, offered and administered by Marc Jacobson and Associates (MJA), has been available to NRT affiliated agents for over 25 years. The VIP Program is sponsored soley by MJA and not by NRT LLC. Your participation in any of the VIP Program benefits inclusive of the SEP program is completely voluntary.

Upon completing and submitting the form below, you will be contacted by a representative of the VIP Program to help guide you through your choices as it relates to setting up a SEP (Self-Employed Pension) account and how you can elect to have NRT LLC direct a portion of your future commission earnings to this account automatically each time you receive a commission.

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The products, benefits, and services offered under the VIP Program thereunder are offered solely by Marc Jacobson & Associates. NRT LLC is not affiliated with Marc Jacobson & Associates, or any of the service providers offering plans, benefits, products or services under the VIP Program (collectively, the “Providers”). Participation in any of these offerings is entirely voluntary on your part; NRT LLC is simply making these offerings available to you by permitting Marc Jacobson & Associates to publicize them to you. NRT LLC does not review or evaluate Marc Jacobson & Associates, the VIP Program or the plans, benefits, products or services offered through the VIP Program, and does not recommend the VIP Program or any of the plans, benefits, products or services under the VIP Program. The offerings are not NRT LLC-sponsored plans and may be amended, modified or terminated at any time by the third-party carriers or broker-affiliates, if applicable. You are free to use Marc Jacobson & Associates, the VIP Program or any other association, insurance broker, person or entity to meet your financial benefit needs. Please consult with a professional about your personal situation.